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About Us




What is a Shero?

Every person has the potential to be everything they want to be. But so often, girls can get caught in a loop of negative messaging from the media, from their peers and from their own psyche. They start to wonder if they are pretty enough, smart enough, tall enough, skinny enough and just generally “enough.”

Sheroes Among Us aims to help women of the future break out of this loop and realize that they are more than enough. We want to help girls develop the skills to counter this messaging and empower them to realize their dreams. We want to help girls create proactive strategies for healthy living – in mind, body, and spirit – that will ignite their potential.

Sheroes Among Us is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Marathon County. Our mission is to empower girls to cultivate a growth mindset while building their own unique toolkits for a life of positivity and self compassion.

Meet our Board Members

Elizabeth Messner

Elizabeth Messner, Founder

Elizabeth is an eclectic and enthusiastic personality with a background in sales, management, and nonprofit leadership. As the founder of Sheroes Among Us, her intention is to cultivate a mindset in girls that fuels the fire of possibility, intercepting the often stifling messages that they encounter and create within themselves. In this endeavor, with candor and compassion, Elizabeth draws from both personal experience and that of the amazing and passionate women with whom she has surrounded herself.

Denise Sauter

Raissa Dupuis

Raissa is a creative, compassionate mom of four that has a heart for helping others. She feels Sheroes Among Us is an amazing opportunity to uplift future generations and inspire them to embrace their journey. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, she fought her anxiety and pulled herself from her introverted comfort zone to make her dreams and ideas become reality. She truly believes that each person has a unique gift to offer this world and with encouragement from others as well as self compassion we can walk bravely together in our dreams.

Jennifer Benson

Sarah Kroening

A focused and positive woman that passionately believes each and every girl has gifts to share with the world, Sarah is motivated to empower girls to utilize the resources both around and within themselves to develop the confidence and courage to embrace those gifts.  She is a strong leader with a background in management and nonprofits, along with experience in goal setting, budgeting, team building, and event planning.


Erin F. Ralls

Erin is a witty and driven woman with a passion for empowering others to become their best, both professionally and personally. With a background in the banking industry, she is an astute problem solver with experience in team-building and providing innovative solutions through technology to create efficiencies. A true believer that things happen for a reason, Erin has conquered adversity in the past to make her the vibrant and passionate person she is today.

Laura Cynkar

Jen Leber

Native to the Wausau area, Jen Leber is a deep thinker, a compassionate person and a mother of two.  Jen feels deeply connected to Sheroes’ mission to promote health and positivity in girls and to counteract demotivating messages they may face by encouraging girls to be empowered, express themselves confidently, and surround themselves with uplifting influences in order to flourish. Jen found strength from her struggles with anxiety to push herself out of her comfort zone, align her life with her interests, set boundaries and continually work on bettering herself.  The desire to help others in the community inspired Jen to study Community Engagement and Education at UW Milwaukee. She brings her organizational skills, motivation and passion for helping others to the Sheroes team. 

Ariana Peters

Ariana Peters

Ariana is a bubbly and compassionate young woman who enjoys books, music, science, animals, movies, volunteering, running and spending time with family and friends. She has a passion for healthcare and aspires to delve further into the world of medicine in the future. Growing up, Ariana has never really felt as if she fits the mold of a “typical” girl her age. While her differences have made her feel awkward and insecure, she has learned to embrace who she is and how it makes her unique. She hopes to inspire other girls in the community to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams and happy with who they are.

Alyssa Peterson

Alyssa Peterson

Alyssa is currently a senior at DC Everest High School. Next fall, she will attend the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities to pursue a degree in Human Resource Management. She’s been involved in DECA all throughout high school, #girlboss. When she’s not at a DECA conference, you’ll find her at an FBLA conference instead. She’s excited to be a part of this strong team of women to inspire young girls to also become #girlbosses.

Katie Campbell

Katie Campbell

Katie is a strong-willed, extroverted, and sassy senior in high school. She is commonly known among her friends as “mom” due to her ability to always be there and be prepared. After high school, Katie wants to go on to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing and specialize as a first assist in the OR. After years of speech therapy and overcoming obstacles, she has become a self-assured young woman. Katie wants to pass on this quality to help young girls figure out who they are and not only own it but exude it with confidence.

Megan Halambeck

Megan Halambeck

Megan is a bubbly, extroverted, and confident senior in high school. She is a leader in her school and the community and loves to help others. She is an accomplished swimmer so if you see her with dry hair it's probably your lucky day. After high school, Megan will be attending UW Madison and studying pre-med in hopes of becoming a physician. She is a passionate young woman and can’t wait to help others achieve their dreams!